Forget everything you think you know about music quizzes!

HIT THE BUZZER on a staged tv set

You don't need the loudest voice to win

The buzzers even everything out! If you can name that tune, if you can hit that note, just burst into song and get buzzing.

Plenty of surprises and twists

Take a classic music quiz and add a dash of tactics, mini-games, jokers and tricks for the ultimate in music trivia.

Open to everyone

The music starts, players recognise the song, buzz to select the correct artist and then the correct song.

You can even choose your music eras, but we make sure the turntables play a range of music genres to please as many as possible!

play as a team... Or not

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Music Quiz themes

In the Music Quiz,
you can choose your musical era.

You're the music expert - below are the options divided into 20 year periods for more fun.

Why not trust yourself and include all the eras? However, you can decide to leave out a time period that doesn’t make you dance as much ;)





The Quiz Room©

Inspired by TV shows like "Millionaire Hot Seat", we've built an incredibly interactive circular set complete with lights, sounds and buzzers.

Whether you're answering questions solo or as part of a team and regardless of the number of players, you can sing as loud as you would in a club partying, in the shower or in your living room with your best friends - but this time it's like you're on TV!

How the Music Quiz works

The music starts, players recognise the song, buzz and select the correct answer. You guessed the artist but got the title wrong? Don't worry you can still earn points!

With jokers in play beware...your points… oops, they might have already been stolen! With rules that change for each of the 3 rounds and multiple jokers, analyse your competitors to knock them off their stride at the right moment, or even benefit from their correct answers to earn points!

The game has plenty of surprises and twists in store for you... during your music quiz, you can be master of your own destiny and become a maestro. But you'd better not brag too soon... because everything can change right up to the last buzzer!

Our featured playlists

Lhe Music Quiz is a game for everyone, whether you prefer rap, pop, rock, or oldies, think you know nothing about music or are a professional cover artist never seen far from a guitar.

You can choose your preferred music eras from the 50s to the 2020s, but we keep control over the musical selection to appeal to a wider audience!


3 times more fun

For those who love fun, laughter and a good atmosphere, for those who are never sleepy and for all those who don't want to break the mood.

Pick your third part
to test the quiz or blindtest game of your choice !

You ask a lot of questions

What are the best songs for a music quiz?

Quiz Room music quizzes are open to everyone from those who love rap, pop, rock, or oldies to those that think they know nothing and even the cover professionals who always have a guitar in their hands. The songs can be as varied as your taste and hearing.

Can you customize your music quiz?

From the 50s and 60s to the 70s and nowadays music, the music quiz is totally customizable by selecting just the decades you want! A blindtest evening focusing on the disco years and 90s music nostalgia? You can choose your preferred music eras from the 50s to the 2020s, but we keep control over the musical selection to appeal to a wider audience!