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You write the 10 personalised questions yourself or with the group.

Don't panic, we'll explain how to do it. This little effort will add a dose of fun and make the event all the more unique and memorable for your team!


At Quiz Room, we offer spacious lounge spaces or a dedicated function space (where available) so you can keep the fun rolling after your quiz.

Take the chance to chill, crown the Joker Master and star of the day!You can choose your music playlist or even project a presentation with some amazing family memories.

Choose a caterer and drinks (optional)

Our centres work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages along with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, for all budgets, all tastes and all times of the day (healthy breakfast, hearty lunch, light snack, festive cocktail, sumptuous dinner, etc.).

Ask for the catering and drinks brochure when you request a quote! Your family will be surprised, we promise!

you ask a lot of questions

Is Quiz Room a good idea for a family reunion?

To organise a social event that no one will forget, it's ideal to choose groups activities that will appeal to kids and adults. What are you waiting for? Make a booking for the fun family quiz of your choice.