it's a quiz game for kids
in a TV game show-style set

They won't be able to contain their excitement!
Fun topics include animals, science, films and cartoons as well as questions that use their memory and powers of observation to make it accessible for all..
Suitable for ages 8-12 years.
13+ can play The Original Quiz or The Music Quiz

hit the buzzer just like the big GIRLS AND boys!


Kids Birthday parties (AGES 8 - 15)

Delight your children and their friends by organising a unique, fun-filled birthday party at Quiz Room

Kids will play a game designed especially for children with the format and questions tailored to their sense of fun and age capabilities. Fun topics include animals, science, films and cartoons as well as questions that use their memory and powers of observation to make it accessible for all

kids & teens

Need a fresh concept to engage your group of kids or teens?

During summer or public holidays, kids don't want to hear about school or learning anything and Quiz Room knows that!

We offer a quiz game that is playful and accessible to every kid.


2 games
3 games
4 to 6
7 to 18
3rd game (+30 mins!)
per person
10 custom questions
per GAME
a special event to celebrate?
Check out our packages
prix par personne

you ask a lot of questions!

Is Quiz Room the right solution for a group of teenagers?

Looking for a fun activity for your teenager and his or her friends? Why not opt for a fun and entertaining solution? Thanks to Quiz Room, you can learn while having fun! Solo or in teams, it's the perfect activity for a group of kids or teens!

A good activity idea for an 8 to 10 year-old?

Children need to let off steam, both physically and intellectually. Quiz Room is the activity to try. This fun, immersive activity will allow your child to let off steam in a playful way, while learning, thinking, being fast and using their reflexes.

Is Quiz Room Kids suitable for an 11-year-old's birthday party?

To celebrate a child's birthday, you'll need to organise an outing, either with family or friends. We've come up with Quiz Room Kids, an immersive, fun and unforgettable quiz that will have his or her friends bursting into laughter and put him or her at the centre of attention especially if you personalise the questions! The Quiz Room Kids version is designed for children aged 8 to 12!

Quiz Room, the perfect extra-curricular activity for your 12-year-old?

The main objective of the activity is to follow your child's wishes, because your child must want to do it and find pleasure in doing it. Show them what they'll gain from taking part, what they'll learn and, above all, that they'll be able to make friends their own age. For an occasional outing, a quiz session immersed in a room for 1h30 is a great idea that will reward the child.

Can I give Quiz Room as a gift to a child?

Of course! We've got a gift card to suit every taste! You can choose an original game like the Original Quiz, the Music Quiz or Quiz Room Kids version! Give them a gift voucher for their birthday that they can use it whenever they like with their friends!